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What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise system that allows us to focus deeply and inwardly to master the movements.Through a series of properly aligned exercises Pilates teaches awareness of the body, develops good posture, increases flexibility and strength that will change the way you move, breath, walk and sleep.

Pilates is for every body

Pilates has roots in Physical Therapy, yoga, martial arts and was originally designed by Joseph Pilates as a method to help the immobile relearn how to move. So whether you have never worked out a day in your life or you are an athlete, Pilates is for you. Maybe you feel like you are ready for a change, have a “bad back”, or someone recommended it as an alternative to surgery, Pilates is for you.

Sessions 50-55 minutes

Intro Packages & Private Sessions can be booked online.

Semi Private Sessions have to be arranged separately.

3 Private Sessions

Intro Package

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5/10 Packs

Private Sessions

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5/10 Packs

Semi Private Sessions


Intro Package

Three introductory private sessions introduce clients new to Pilates with the basic concepts and approach to the system. In these first sessions a foundation is established and the mind-body-spirit connection is made.

Private Sessions

A circuit class of Pilates apparatus using the Reformer, Cadillac, High Chair and mat work for a challenging workout in alignment and with attention to individual needs.

Semi Private Sessions

A two - three person session for intermediate/advanced level clients with a focus on the five Pilates Principles; control, concentration, centering, breath, flow. Come with a friend or partner or if your schedule is flexible enough and you have a real sense of Pilates let us place you in a session.

Pricing & Policies


Intro Special Package 3 private sessions $250

Single Session $99

5-Pack $450

10-Pack $800


Single Session $66

5-Pack $250

10-Pack $400

All prices subject to Washington State sales tax 8.5%

Strict 24 cancelation policy

Intro Special expires 30 days from purchase date.

Packages expire within 10 weeks from purchase date.

What clients are saying about Tumtum…

“I've been fortunate to find Annice as an excellent instructor of Pliates, here in Washougal, WA. I have a ballet background; I've heard of Pilates, but never took a class until May 18th, 2016. I enjoy every session with Annice. As a teacher of pilates; she's patient, encourging and consistent, for the beginner to advanced person. The Tumtum Pilates studio is very comfortable, the experience gives a whole body workout; stretching, strength, and breath. After some sessions, I feel as if I've had a massage. As a senior adult, I continue with my ballet and Pilates is part of my workouts. I highly recommend the Tumtum Pilates studio and the instructors, to begin or continue a lifestyle of well-being.”


“I have been working with Annice for over two years. It has been such a positive experience. She is a highly skilled instructor. I feel toned, my posture has improved, and the best thing of all is no more back pain! I would highly recommend Annice at Tumtum Pilates, it is truly life changing.”


“I have been a student at this studio for two years. Annice is an excellent instructor and Pilates has made such a difference in how I feel on a daily basis. I can feel it when I miss a class. The gentle (but effective!) toning, the stretching and core work have improved my tennis and golf games. There is a ton of variety in the exercises so that it never gets boring. And Annice is very good at challenging you to do as much as you can, but always with proper form in mind. Excellent studio. Highly recommended.” Nikki

“What I love about teaching Pilates? Seeing the changes clients make in their bodies & making a deeper connection to their core. The place that helps them stand up taller, relieve pain, and get stronger.”

In 2015 Annice opened Tumtum Pilates in downtown Washougal and loves being part of such a wonderful community. An instructor at Tumtum Pilates, a fifth generation Oregonian, trained as an artist and painter. She uses her artists eye and intuition to help clients find their focus. Discovering Pilates while recovering from a chronic lower back injury changed her life. Annice has found teaching Pilates is an amazing opportunity for everyone, client and teacher, to learn about their body through strengthening and healing movements. Certified with Peak Pilates Master Instructor Jessica Schultz and trained with Mentor Alicia Bouni of Geometry Pilates.

About Annice

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