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Tumtum pilates

Classical Pilates in ​downtown Washougal

since 2015

What is Pilates?

Pilates is an exercise system that allows us to focus deeply and ​inwardly to master the movements.Through a series of properly ​aligned exercises Pilates teaches awareness of the body, develops ​good posture, increases flexibility and strength that will change the ​way you move, breath, walk and sleep.

Pilates is for every body

Pilates has roots in Physical Therapy, yoga, martial arts and ​was originally designed by Joseph Pilates as a method to ​help the immobile relearn how to move. So whether you ​have never worked out a day in your life or you are an ​athlete, Pilates is for you. Maybe you feel like you are ready ​for a change, have a “bad back”, or someone recommended ​it as an alternative to surgery, Pilates is for you.

Sessions 50-55 minutes

Intro Packages & Private Sessions can be booked online.

Semi Private Sessions have to be arranged separately.

3 Private Sessions

Intro Package

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5/10 Packs

Private Sessions

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5/10 Packs

Semi Private Sessions

Pricing & Policies


Intro Special Package 3 private sessions $250

Single Session $99

5-Pack $450

10-Pack $800


Single Session $66

5-Pack $250

10-Pack $400

All prices subject to Washington State ​sales tax 8.5%

Strict 24 cancelation policy

Intro Special expires 30 days from ​purchase date.

Packages expire within 10 weeks from ​purchase date.


Intro Package

Three introductory private sessions introduce clients new to Pilates with the basic ​concepts and approach to the system. In these first sessions a foundation is established ​and the mind-body-spirit connection is made.

Private Sessions

A circuit class of Pilates apparatus using the Reformer, Cadillac, High Chair and mat ​work for a challenging workout in alignment and with attention to individual needs.

Semi Private Sessions

A two - three person session for intermediate/advanced level clients with a focus on ​the five Pilates Principles; control, concentration, centering, breath, flow. Come with a ​friend or partner or if your schedule is flexible enough and you have a real sense of ​Pilates let us place you in a session.

What clients are saying about Tumtum…

“I've been fortunate to find Annice as an ​excellent instructor of Pliates, here in ​Washougal, WA. I have a ballet background; ​I've heard of Pilates, but never took a class ​until May 18th, 2016. I enjoy every session ​with Annice. As a teacher of pilates; she's ​patient, encourging and consistent, for the ​beginner to advanced person. The Tumtum ​Pilates studio is very comfortable, the ​experience gives a whole body workout; ​stretching, strength, and breath. After some ​sessions, I feel as if I've had a massage. As a ​senior adult, I continue with my ballet and ​Pilates is part of my workouts. I highly ​recommend the Tumtum Pilates studio and ​the instructors, to begin or continue a ​lifestyle of well-being.”


“I have been working with Annice ​for over two years. It has been ​such a positive experience. She is ​a highly skilled instructor. I feel ​toned, my posture has ​improved, and the best thing of ​all is no more back pain! I would ​highly recommend Annice at ​Tumtum Pilates, it is truly life ​changing.”


“I have been a student at this studio ​for two years. Annice is an excellent ​instructor and Pilates has made such ​a difference in how I feel on a daily ​basis. I can feel it when I miss a class. ​The gentle (but effective!) toning, the ​stretching and core work have ​improved my tennis and golf games. ​There is a ton of variety in the ​exercises so that it never gets boring. ​And Annice is very good at ​challenging you to do as much as you ​can, but always with proper form in ​mind. Excellent studio. Highly ​recommended.” Nikki

About Annice

““What I love about teaching Pilates? Seeing the changes ​clients make in their bodies and making a deeper ​connection to their core. The place that helps them ​stand up taller, relieve pain, and get stronger.”

In 2015, Annice opened Tumtum Pilates in downtown ​Washougal and loves being part of such a wonderful ​community. She is an instructor at Tumtum Pilates, a ​fifth-generation Oregonian, trained as an artist and ​painter. Annice uses her artist's eye and intuition to help ​clients find their focus. Discovering Pilates while ​recovering from a chronic lower back injury changed her ​life. Annice has found that teaching Pilates is an amazing ​opportunity for everyone, both clients and teachers, to ​learn about their bodies through strengthening and ​healing movements. She is certified with Peak Pilates ​Master Instructor Jessica Schultz and trained with ​Mentor Alicia Bouni of Geometry Pilates.

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